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7 Reasons People Love Their Cotton & Care Sheets

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We’ve been selling our Cotton & Care sheets for a few months now and we’re not surprised that people are loving them as much as we do. After all, what’s not to like about superior quality sheets at a fair price? We read each and every review that we receive, and even as this number grows into the hundreds, we’re still thrilled each time someone tells us that they’re enjoying their new sheets. But the thing that we’re most in awe of is the number of customers who’ve come back and purchased a second (or even third!) set of sheets. We wanted to know more about what made these people come back for more – so we asked, and here’s what we found out:


We all know how it goes when you order from one of those giant internet retailers – your product arrives, wrapped in plastic and stuffed in a plain brown box. That’s because a warehouse worker in a huge distribution center is tasked with fulfilling your order as quickly as possible. This means that the people running the business have no involvement in the packing and shipping of their products, often they aren’t even in the same state where it occurs. Even some other bedding start-ups utilize this method of order fulfillment, but not us. It’s important to us to be involved in this part of the process so that we can give our customers’ orders the care and attention that they deserve. We operate with a small, dedicated staff who individually inspect each sheet set for quality and hand package them with care. To us, it’s the only way to go and we think it’s worth it. We’re glad that Jason thought so too – he told us “props on the packaging, it felt more like a gift from a friend than an online order. The personal handwritten ‘thank you’ note was a nice touch.”


We can all agree that the most important thing about bedding is the way it feels. There’s nothing better than jumping into bed after a long day and wrapping up in soft, cozy sheets. For that reason, we use the softest cotton in the world paired with the ideal weave and thread count. Many bedding manufacturers use formaldehyde and a host of other chemicals to artificially soften their sheets and keep them wrinkle-free, but we think that’s just gross. Our sheets are free from harmful chemicals, so they don’t reach their peak softness until they’ve been washed a few times. Sarah confirmed this by saying “I liked them right out of the box, but I loved them after a couple months. Some mornings I really didn’t want to leave my bed.”


Whether you’re aiming for the five-star hotel look, that classic Southern farmhouse style, or anything in between, our classic white sheets are just what you need. And with their crisp, cool feel, you’re bound to have flashbacks to your grandma’s sheets, freshly washed and hung out to dry in the fresh air. We’re proud to have achieved the classic look and feel that our customers appreciate. Jessie said “these aren’t the same old sheets you find at the department store, there is something special about them and they are exactly what I was looking for.”


Our sheets are born from cotton grown on a family farm in California, then spun into yarn, woven to fabric, and cut and sewn to their final state in the South. Even all of our tags and packaging are Made in the USA. We’re a short plane ride away from each part of our supply chain, allowing us a high level of quality control and guaranteed authenticity of our product. How cool is that? Most of those big bedding retailers don’t even know where their cotton comes from and couldn’t feasibly oversee all the steps of their supply chain. Kendra told us she “loves supporting US jobs by buying Made in America products.” We’re glad that she and so many others feel that way.


We only use certified Supima cotton to make our sheets. Supima is known as the finest and softest cotton in the world. It’s so rare that only one percent of the cotton grown worldwide is qualified as Supima cotton. Bryan shared with us: “I was looking for Egyptian cotton sheets, but learned about Supima and read that it’s supposed to be even better. These sheets didn’t disappoint!”


Millions of families lack access to safe water and sanitation. This means children, most often young girls, must spend a great amount of time each day collecting water instead of attending school. We’re compelled to help and committed to donating a substantial portion of our profits to this cause. “I support companies that give back, it tells me that they care about more than just profits and makes me feel good about my purchase because every little bit helps” said Julia.


As if all this isn’t awesome enough, we’ll also let you try our sheets for 100 nights with no risk – sleep on them, wash them, use them in a pillow fight, wear them to a toga party, or make a fort out of them – if they just don’t work for you, send them back on our dime, no questions asked. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love our sheets. Dustin let us know: “No way I was returning these sheets, but I can honestly say I wouldn’t have made that first purchase if you didn’t have your free return policy.”

Hearing all this positive feedback on our product and our business has been so rewarding and validating. We’ve poured our hearts and souls into this business and have been so excited to watch our little brand grow. For those who are already sleeping on Cotton & Care sheets, we thank you for welcoming us into your homes. For those who haven’t taken the plunge yet, now you have seven reasons to give us a shot. What are you waiting for?

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